Company modern technologies launches platform for professional production of interactive apps for smart devices, get your app easily!

Do you have a website or e-services that want to communicate via an application on smart phones? As everyone knows smart applications ensure greater access to customers and fans, but of course may have access to these applications is very expensive and a lot they don’t know the companies providing development services professionally, for today we would like to tell you about a new service to all who wish to obtain the application of his own.

Company modern technologies launches platform for professional production of interactive apps for smart devices (Claudio)

Company has modern technologies to develop a platform that cart sophisticated to build interactive apps for smartphones and for all sectors of service delivery, productivity, and media such as: the owners of websites and Facebook pages, new media pioneers, institutions, companies, satellite TV, radio, universities, schools, kindergartens, associations, guilds, families, ministries, clubs, owners of news sites, the owners of the house operations, developers, content in general, the owners of the groups fact the father of waters and many other sectors.

Has stated the engineer plotter Pfizer joint – general manager of the company that this project falls in the framework of the project a comprehensive implementation of his business plan, progress and future aims to enrich the Arabic content and to contribute to the emergence of industrial cart applications smart phones, paintings, digital, as well as open new horizons and job opportunities for Arab youth in various fields.

Let you Company modern techniques to explain our experience of its platform and build your app yourself in minutes and start distributing it to the members page you, your customers, visitors you, your students, your staff, etc., it is worth mentioning that you can raise it on the Google market also on behalf of your people ahead of you as a person.

Added the architect shared that the company’s message through this project is the production and application of Arabic competence in Arabic, supports entrepreneurship and contributes to solidifying the Arab identity, and open up the prospects of self-employment.

The location of the house in Arabic

Page on Facebook for new customers

Technical support via e-mail:

If you are a developer and publish your apps via the news app to reach for a large segment of Arab users to reason across the following mail: will your app soon in the list of News Apps if level befitting the user.

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