Company Nest has now become part of the team Google Home

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Work Alphabet, the parent company Google to change many things within the police departments. Section of the Nest which was responsible for the development of intelligent home appliances, which had previously worked as an independent entity within the company Alphabet will now become part of the team responsible for the devices Google Home. Later, the CEO of Nest, Mr. marwan Fu will be stepping down from his position.

Became marwan Fu is CEO of Nest when it was re-integrate Nest into Google. Was leaving the Nest as a separate entity under the supervision of the parent company Alphabet for the past three years. According to reports, will enable this resolution to the President of hardware Division at Google, Mr. Rick Osterloh from the integration of the products of the Nest home better with products and software Google.

Marwan Fu is not leaving the company Google. Is no longer the CEO of Nest because of the amendment, but will remain in the company Alphabet as a consultant. Will Rishi Chandra on the team Nest, a deputy head of the Department of Smart Home Products Company Google. On this subject, Mr. Rick Osterloh said : ” we decided with these changes so that we can better serve our users“, he added : ” marwan LED integration efforts and was responsible for determining the strategy of our development in consultation with me and Rishi and our employees “.

Despite the fact that team Nest has now become part of the Google team Home, the company Alphabet do not plan in fact to phase out the brand Nest. Will maintain the product group, such as thermostats and security cameras are independent of Google products Home.



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