Company Nintendo is still not interested to enter virtual reality

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There are many companies that began to explore concepts such as virtual reality, such as Sony with a helmet virtual reality Playstation VR. However, it seems that the company Nintendo is not quite ready to enter the market of virtual reality is currently indicating that this technology is not prevalent yet.

It has been revealed by the President of the company Nintendo in France, Mr. Philippe Lavoué during an interview conducted with one of the French sites. According to Philippe Lavoué, it says that consumers prefer something in the ” whole package“, because they don’t see virtual reality technology as a complete package at the moment, so they’re not very keen yet to adopt this technology.

This comes to confirm the content of the report was released in the year 2016 based on the statements made by the CEO of Nintendo in North America, which referred also to that the technique of virtual reality is not quite ready yet to learn. Moreover, it has stated on many occasions in the past that there is a need to overcome a lot of obstacles to become the technology of virtual reality to prevail.

In addition to the lack of interest in the company Nintendo to enter the market of virtual reality, stated Mr. Philippe Lavoué also that 4K is another area that the company is not quite ready to invest in it because they do not see that there are a lot of users who benefit from the possibilities of this high-tech Definition is currently. And for the players who hope to see games Nintendo future up to virtual reality or 4K, you’ll have to wait for some time before they see that moves.


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