Company Nintendo the implementation of the intention to launch the programme for the replacement for your Nintendo Switch


With the announcement of the company Nintendo announced the launch of an improved version of the device Nintendo Switch come with a lifetime best battery, we are sure that there are some players probably who feel bad, especially if they bought the old version from your Nintendo Switch shortly before the announcement of the new version. As a result, there have been some reports that indicate that the company Nintendo has provided gamers program allows them through the replacement of their units the old with new ones.

However, it seems that these reports are not true 100 percent. In a statement issued to The Verge, quoted a spokesman for the company, Nintendo said : ” We have no program to replace the Nintendo Switch. We always want to enjoy the players with Nintendo Switch of their own, and if there’s anything wrong with that, we encourage them to visit for support, or contact our Customer Support Team own US “.

And for those who heard about it for the first time, it was speculated in the past that the company Nintendo is planning to launch a programme of replacement provides, through its customers who purchased the old version from your Nintendo Switch shortly before the announcement of the new version to replace their units the old Army if they were willing to pay the bill and send the old units to their own back to the company. It seemed like a good idea, but unfortunately, it seems that it is not true.

It is a pity a bit because we are sure that the programme of replacement this would give the company a lot of PR. However, regardless of the battery large, remain both copies are identical, so in most games will lose a few hours of play during development. In the meantime, the company Nintendo that the new version of your Nintendo Switch you will get Box different to avoid confusion, so if you are planning to buy the new version of your Nintendo Switch, you need to take that into account.

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