Company OnePlus officially announced its plans to launch the OnePlus TV


The company announced the OnePlus today in the middle of it that they will to the category of smart TVs through a detection device for TV, which will include a distinctive design, it offers high quality image and audio for more power while connecting the house to the internet.

The information listed on the official forum to buy the OnePlus looks short. Regardless of the name, the overall index was to be home, there will be a lot of what we know now. All we can say now is that it will be already a TV Smart will include some sort of features of home automation based on the description.

Since 2013, we focused on building the best smart phone possible. In the midst of this process, you know our team and our community a tremendous amount about software, gear design, and product development and to provide the best possible user experience. The cradle of these efforts through all those long nights and weekends in the office which contributed by this team and the community to create an excellent foundation to build the experience of the OnePlus TV.

This can be just an Android device to another TV brings the digital assistant Google Assistant which works with all smart home devices such as any Android device to another TV. There’s also the possibility that the company OnePlus create a special version of the system, OxygenOS for the TV its smart as the company did Xiaomi. One can only speculate at this stage.

We also expect to have the company OnePlus prices aggressive, they are known for providing sophisticated features at very low price compared with other brands more established in the market. However, it remains the final price for this new product is a mystery at the moment, as is the case with anything else, including the time frame for launch.

In the meantime, the company is preparing to launch a phone for OnePlus 6T, which is expected to be formally presented sometime in the next month. Don’t expect to see this TV at any time prior to 2019.



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