Company Panasonic launches four OLED TVs, new 4K


The company Panasonic today slide the curtain officially about four OLED TVs New at CES CES 2018, currently held in Las Vegas, USA. It should be noted that these TVs new come to complete the last successful TVs OLED which the Japanese company issued last year which got many awards thanks to its image quality and performance. Taking that into account, holding out to the TVs four new from Panasonic Corporation available on Bar 65-inch and 55-inch. These TVs new screen OLED new processing video terrible HCX Video Processor of the Panasonic Corporation itself.

Company Panasonic to feature its four new is the first OLED TVs available in the year 2018 which supports technology +HDR10 with the knowledge that the model FZ950 also owns loudspeaker Dynamic Blade Speaker to provide the sound experience polished and powerful.

As we have mentioned, the operation of OLED TVs to the new Panasonic processor HCX 4K Video Processor. The company said Panasonic also she will seek to obtain certificates of Ultra HD, Premium, and THX before you charge it. It should be noted that all OLED TVs that will be released this year by company Panasonic will feature Absolute Black Filter which ensures the level more accurate for the black color through the absorption of ambient light to eliminate reflections.

The biggest change done by company Panasonic processor is the introduction of a system of Dynamic Look Up Table. It should be noted that the technology of Dynamic Look Up Table is widely used in post-production to ensure accurate color note that this technology does so according to the color space used by the source, but this technique monitors automatically The average level of brightness for each scene, and then use the results of image analysis to determine the Dynamic Data ” Look Up Table ” that fit the scene. Of course, these improvements will make the scenes on the TV look more natural.

Generally, the company will start the Panasonic to ship 4K TVs OLED TV new in the next few months although she didn’t reveal the prices until now.

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