Company Panic launches a portable gaming device with a unique design called a Playdate, and it will cost 149$


When it comes to mobile games, it is really hard to overcome the likes of the Nintendo 3DS. However, it seems that the company is Nintendo, you will receive a new competition from a new device called a Playdate. This machine was created by a company Panic, which is famous for developing for the game Firewatch famous.

The Playdate is unique to some extent in terms of design, it is a rotary arm for small. What does this arm of the rotor in the foundation is that it works as a tool to control where there will be some games that are being played on the device which will be in fact able to take advantage of them. We assume that all fairly, although we are concerned a bit about his breakable during development.

The device has the same on a monochrome LCD screen size 2.5 inch display from the company Sharp has accurately 200×400 pixels, which means that this device is not designed to run games and high performance. There will be a D-pad and a couple of physical buttons used to control games. And speaking of games, she chose the company Panic is a unique way to distribute games.

Will come to your Playdate in advance with only one game, but there will be a ” season ” full of games, bringing the total to 12 for the game. It is expected to launch these games a week until the season. Rate your Playdate around 149 USD, and the cost includes 12 game, with the expectation of opening pre-orders later this year in the hope that the launch of the device in the year 2020.


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