Company Parrot decided formally to withdraw from the UAV market small


The company decided to Parrot niche in the UAV industry could not compete anymore in the UAV market small oriented people who love to play and deal with the drone. Confirmed that the French police they stopped the production and development of any aircraft game of drones except for the Parrot Anafi and its different. There are no longer drones of the model Parrot Mamo or Parrot Swing, but those who are interested in getting one they may be able to pick up one from one of the retail stores.

I’ve always made the company Parrot aircraft playing the role of a pilot, even before the launch of the UAV pilot such as the Parrot Bepop and Parrot Anafi. However, it has the company faced Parrot is intense competition in this market despite the fact that the UAV market consumer goods is growing at a great rate.

The company stressed that Parrot to Wirecutter it was to withdraw from the UAV market is small. I’ve run out of stock of the company in stores such as Amazon slowly while you pull Parrot Mamo and Parrot Swing in the near future.

That shouldn’t be a surprise to many of the people who control what the company has done over the last few years. In fact, it’s the company shifted its focus towards commercial UAVs. So, they are not trying to compete with DJI in the UAV market-oriented for the consumers, but rather want to create products and solutions will be more beneficial to governments and companies, for example.

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