Company phones are used for exercises

Use Samsung to launch Galaxy S10 on Wednesday, February 20, to be trading the beginning of March 8, which is what we know thanks to the launch of the page book Galaxy S10 deduct up to$ 550 and when the replacement phone Galaxy qualified.

And booking you will find the headline: “We know that you know what is coming”, perhaps a reference to leaks from the likes of Evan Blass Roland Quanta that reveal the details of the design and specifications of the smartphones before its announcement.

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At the Mobile World Congress held several days after the conference of the Galaxy S10, LG will declare her phone G8 ThinQ that’s what the leaks reveal details until the police confirm the registration through the official photos, the house we know that the phone screen will come Olid works as a speakerphone, the sound system, quad adapter digital analog refers to having a separate phone 3.5 mm, camera front 3D to three-dimensional on the face.

And Vivo Chinese to enter the European markets, so when I noticed the proliferation of images of Galaxy S10 leaked, which responded by formally for her next two: V15 and V15 pro, who enjoy the design of full screen cameras powerful, including the front camera of the pop-up of the upper frame accurately 32 maps.

Speaking of Chinese companies, we find they usually release phones of a special event in China, Echo is limited in the rest of the world, then follow by the launch of the world after about a month, for example: Onur view 20.

The joint between the positions of the companies mentioned above is their participation in the registry that looks like it I realized the difficulty to stop her; in the presence of more of checking the websites and the ease of information about future products, telecom partner want to choose new phones for weeks and months in advance, fans interested in an early look at the hardware, the retailers and they start to sometimes sell their phones before their launch.

We can’t be certain that currently leaks phones hurt sales, but they certainly quenched the magic happened the official launch, which is supposed to be a celebration of the launch of new technologies, which we feel also that the development being on the slow pace in the world of phones unlike the garden.

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