Company Roku is in talks with Apple to support AirPlay 2


The problem with companies like Apple that are creating protocols, your wireless is that it can sometimes limit the options that consumers can be purchased. For example, if you reserved in the Apple TV using AirPlay or AirPlay 2, you’ll need to search for devices that support these protocols wireless, sometimes you may not get what you want.

However, if you are a user of Roku and you are hoping that the company supports protocol wireless AirPlay 2, you may be interested to know that according to a new report released recently from the site MacRumors, it appears that the company is in talks with Apple to support this protocol. It is clear that it is not reached a final agreement yet, which means that there is a possibility that is not the deal on it, so it is better not to talk too much now.

But if it happens, it is expected to be provided through the update to the operating system belonging to the Roku, this means that we should be bringing this support in theory for a large range of devices. The report also says that this partnership can be extended to Apple Music, where system can come RokuOS in advance with the Apple Music app, making this service the musical available on the product along with the services of other music such as Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Music.

Did not confirm the company Roku anything officially yet, but it raised this topic before, although they did not explicitly mention it, Kat is in talks with Apple, said instead that he does not have anything you can share with the public on this subject at the time.


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  4. Mexico’s crackdown on migrants sends some heading south

    Mexico’s efforts to slow Central American migration across its territory showed some bite Monday as some people turned around to head south facing increased enforcement, While government officials said they will target human smuggling rings

    One navy official announced Monday that the 6,000 National Guard members who officials had repeatedly said would be sent to the southern border would really be distributed across the northern border and other areas as well, While another concluded measures were showing results Border daily and that require number has dropped to about 2,600 each the official warned it was too early to draw conclusions from such a small window, But that Mexico was optimistic its measures would work

    On the Suchiate river that forms part of Mexico’s to the south border with Guatemala, Usually bustling cross water commerce seemed to slow at this border town a day after just a half dozen marines showed up on the Mexican shore

    Tomas Leyva, A 65 year old assembly worker turned pastor from El Salvador, Was preparing to board a raft back to Guatemala Saying he fled his home threatened by from a gang, He planned to return later to Mexico vis the border bridge and apply for asylum at an official immigration law control station

    Now the way it is is more serious, More exact, since soldiers who were there yesterday weren’t there before, Leyva mentioned What they’re doing is having an effect because they’re detaining people, But it will not stop

    well before, People declared that With children we’d be capable of pass easily, (but also) Things got hot yourself week, Guerra referred to He said he would try again when so calmed down

    Foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said more than 150 of the 785 migrants found inside the double trailers of four semis Saturday in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz were children

    we won’t allow human trafficking, Ebrard replied, Contending that manage it was tolerated by Mexican officials We might be experiencing about the most human trafficking (periods) in the ominous landscape,

    His comments came as Mexico continued to roll out the deployment on the southern border of members of the new National Guard militarized police

    Until tuesday, Mexican officials had spoken of a implementation of 6,000 to the south border, But deputy foreign affairs secretary Maximiliano Reyes said during a news conference in Tapachula that some of those would go to the northern border and about 2,400 is definitely deployed to southeast Mexico of those, 426 arrived in Tapachula Saturday, he was quoted saying

    the national Guard will work with immigration agents to disrupt migrant smugglers and protect migrants Reyes declined to provide can be of the deployment so as to not alert smugglers line leader Donald Trump

    Ebrard said Saturday’s human smuggling incident in Veracruz was a rescue since migrants could have suffocated inside the trailers

    He said most of the migrants was paying $3,500 to be smuggled to the us and some paid $5,000 to qualify a second attempt if caught, Ebrard acknowledged

    He estimated the particular value of the truck caravan’s human cargo at more than $3 5 million (69 million pesos) And said the smugglers were browsing pay roughly $500,000 to help you $800,000 within just business earnings to ensure the migrants’ free passage And charge smugglers almost every migrant they cross

    While caravans of thousands of Central American migrants walking up highways in southern Mexico drew the fury of Trump yr after, the bulk of the region’s migration has always existed in the shadows and those who live at Mexico’s southern border believe bringing in national guardsmen will only be a boon to human smugglers

    On friday, A guardsman working a highway checkpoint near the town of Comitan in southern Mexico said his orders under the new operation are to try in order to human smugglers, aside from the usual mission of looking for drugs and weapons within the armed forces presence there did not appear to be much greater than in previous weeks, But the soldiers were now wearing armbands indicating they were part of the nation’s Guard

    over the Suchiate, Merchants and politicians expressed concern that the immigration crackdown could hurt the cross border commerce that communities on both sides depend on

    Shop owner Carlos Aguilar said Sunday’s appearance of the marines was enough to make everyone nervous about the

    They just said that they weren’t going to allow the crossing of merchandises, That they were going to close the crossing and everything would have to pass through customs, Aguilar said as he unloaded cases of beer that could float across the river flickr photos ukrainianwomen ukraine single woman on a raft

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