Company Roku offers wireless speakers to match your TV a smart

The subject company Roku offers wireless speakers to match your TV smart appeared on Engadget.

I’ve always bought the company chose the Roku to a TV, its smart, But now, the company offers wireless speakers with a TV and Roku. This is the first wireless speakers from the Roku which will allow the platform Roku Connect, which was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show CES which you connect the TV and the Roku smartphone via Wi-Fi network.

Evolve wireless speakers new wire to just one of energy, and to connect wirelessly to TVs Roku smartphone via Wi-Fi. For ease of use, the entire setup process via the TV itself. There is also the option Bluetooth if you want to use it to play music from your computer or your phone, you’ll also be able to use the speakers to listen to music services iTunes or Spotify.

Are operating via the operating system with the Roku on all the TV and speakers, which allows the devices to connect to each other and maintain synchronization of audio and video at all times.

These amplifiers with remote controller New, which include the Roku device Voice device Roku Touch new depends on the wireless transmission, although the speakers do not contain MICS, only that the idea is that you use the remotes in the pictures. You can control the volume or open the list of Run or off the device or stop or skip what you see from anywhere in the room using the buttons on the surface of the device, it comes remote control with RF technology, and contains many of the buttons pre-setting programmable.

I don’t think speakers Roku, wireless speakers and smart in the traditional sense, where there’s no voice assistant like Siri or Alexa, and there is no option to control other devices in the smart home devices. Although Roku are still working on the assistant Roku entertainment of its own that works with TVs Roku TV and speakers new sound, it will appear voice assistant translated for entertainment only, and is not an alternative to Alexa.

Will be available to wireless speakers exclusively on the site in the month of October, but the company has already started receiving pre-orders. And there will come a magnifying glass in the package consists of headphones with a Roku Voice and Roku Touch for the price of $ 199.99. Owners can TV Roku application package vs $ 149.99 on the website of the Roku website starting today, but the price will increase to 179.99 USD in the 24 July.


The subject company Roku offers wireless speakers to match your TV smart appeared on Engadget.

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