Company Rolls-Royce is working without it on the plane taxis own


There are quite a few companies that operate on the taxi the plane, or rather planes with vertical takeoff and landing. Require Uber to provide the entire fleet of taxi the plane in the future, and now says the company Rolls-Royce threw her hat in the ring also. The company already has extensive experience in the production of propulsion systems for aircraft, has now developed plans to create an electric car is an airplane with the departure and down vertical capable of carrying up to five people.

Mr. Rob Watson, Team Leader of electricity in the company Rolls-Royce : ” we’re in a good position to play a leading role in the world of air transport personal, arising, we will look to work also in collaboration with a range of partners “.

The payment system for the cab of the plane who came by the company Rolls-Royce will allow the vehicle to travel at a speed up to 250 miles per hour to a distance up to 500 miles. In fact, the use of the concept of its initial technology gas turbine to generate electricity, which was working on a run of six electric motors of the state, designed with the reduced noise levels into account.

Since the wings can rotate at an angle of 90 degrees, the taxi, the aircraft will be capable of taking off and landing vertically from the airports, airfields of the current. The company will be the Rolls-Royce for more details about this concept in the gallery Farnborough Airshow is held fly in later this week.


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