Company Rolls-Royce will use artificial intelligence to predict the performance of their engines

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Do not represent the luxury cars only a small part of the products manufactured by the company Rolls-Royce, even though they buy more making their cars expensive. One of the other key tasks undertaken by the company Rolls-Royce are developing the engines of the aircraft. Has contracted this company to the British giant now with a company that Uptake of America specialized in the development of software artificial intelligence to create artificial intelligence able to predict any problems in the operation of aircraft engines, the Trent.

And company Uptake American solutions to artificial intelligence by its own manufacturers that use this technology of the American company to predict the performance of complex machines through data analysis and machine learning.

Used engines Rolls-Royce Trent aircraft Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A330neo, which represents the next generation of aircraft which received hundreds of orders from airlines all over the world. The company deals with issues relating to the code on some of their engines resulting in delayed delivery of aircraft from both Boeing and Airbus.

You will be able company Rolls-Royce from the use of the technology of artificial intelligence provided by the company Uptake to get a deeper insight into the performance and improve the performance of engines Rolls-Royce Trent. On this subject, stated the president of executive aviation services in the company Rolls-Royce, Mr. Tom Palmer said : ” thanks to the techniques of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can increase the running time of our engines and help customers extend the life and value of their property. “


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