Company Shipa recommendation logistics starts operations in Saudi Arabia

After the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, said Shipa recommendation they started distribution operations to the Saudi market.

شركة Shipa للتوصيل والخدمات اللوجستية تبدأ عملياتها في السعودية

The company announced the Shipa for delivery services, logistics local and International, which is taken from the United Arab Emirates-based the launch of its services in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of a campaign to expand the Match 4 states of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The move of the company in line with the technical development of the massive in Saudi Arabia in recent years to achieve the goals of Vision 2030, where e-commerce has become a big part of this development means consumers need to multiple options and recommendation commensurate with the nature of all of them, which is what she saw Shipa a golden opportunity to enter the market.

And through Mr. Burhan bin mini, CEO ’Shipa recommendation‘ on this step, saying: “designed for ’Shipa recommendation‘ specifically to meet the needs of Middle East market, we can in this area our in-depth knowledge of this market and our technology advanced and our services are trusted, where we work to facilitate access to delivery services for businesses and individuals alike.”

Added Ben mini: “training, these companies fully the role of settlement processes in influencing its reputation and its status, as providers of delivery services are the only broker almost between them and customers, they pay great attention to choose the right partner to ensure the satisfaction of their customers.”

Was Shipa has received the trust of customers in the UAE and Kuwait, according to the company, including stores, banks, pharmacies, providers of communication services, and others. Which contributed to the company’s desire to expand its business to other countries.

It is worth mentioning that the company provides many connectivity options and support for the consumer; such as settlement services within two hours and a variety of payment options and customer service via the website or phone.

As the company is considered a unique model of logistics based on modern digital technology the first place, allowing the company to provide the tools to track goods in real time, the possibilities of the advanced to determine the address, the services of digital resume, as well as the delivery of specialized reporting.

Said Bin Mina about it: “we are keen to employ the latest technology to promote innovation, as we work with our customers to meet their requirements”.

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