Company site is solving the problem of the Prohibition of the game Pokemon GO phones Shawty

If you don’t know have been reported about 450 for Shao during the past few days to prevent them from entering the game Pokemon GO abruptly for unknown reasons where the mission is to close the account fully and some of the Prohibition lasts for a period ranging between 7 to 30 days.

The exact cause of is still unknown but with the passage of time, everybody started talking that the Game Booster found in phones Shawty to improve the response to the games are the reason why specifically the choice of Game Speed, which helps in speeding up the response to the game, and that’s the game some kind of cheat.

With frequent complaints responded to company site finally confirmed that it began investigating issues in the blocking game on the phones Shawty then posted another update saying they are still looking into the case specifically in the treatment of the advantages of Game Booster what is happening.

Anyway, if you own phones Shawty and want to play Pokemon Joe on your phone better to go to the settings and close the feature Game Speed not know your account for at least under the Include of things by the developer of the game.


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