Company Snap announces the second generation of the system of the Spectacles with a number of improvements

Come glasses Spectacles new, smaller and waterproof and is able to capture images, Add to the video.

Announced Snap, the Royal Service of the multicast source “snapchat” Snapchat, of the day Thursday for the second generation of the system by the Spectacles backed with the camera and post videos to the service directly.

The company said in a statement that the new car will be available on its website starting today, Thursday, while police confirmed the intention to ask for in UAE markets to be announced soon on the details you provide in the local market.

The system of the Spectacles ability capture Snaps by simply touching a button, and without any computers, where all what the user do after the export is the transfer of content to the portfolio of memories, of Memories, to be able to the user then use the content form that pleases him, certain in the portfolio of memories or send them to friends or post them on the facade of the Story or even save to your Camera album on the phone.

As for the New that comes out the second generation of the Quick, the company said it’s becoming resistant to the water and put the pictures, along with a number of improvements which affected the technical capacity and the exterior design.

The company has kept to the classic look of the system with the provided three new colors are black, red, Sapphire blue and Ruby, along with provided options for the colors of the lenses. It has also retained the lights of the LED in the structure of the glasses to indicate on the label, while removed the yellow rings located on the front of the frame. Pat the size of the electronic parts is smaller than ever to become glasses much smoother and lighter. It also resulted in shrinking the size of the cargo tray, and the glasses itself, where the company confirmed that the box the glasses are smaller by more than 20% compared to its predecessor.

And can glasses now capture photos and record videos content HD HD. In addition, she had the glasses had the support of the two microphones to ensure the capture of high-quality sounds free of wind noise and adjust conversations.

The company snape that it was the development of a process flow of the content to make it only by Wi-Fi, note that the content Pat HD HD instead of just SD. Through this improvement, will allow the user to transfer and watch the Snaps in the portfolio of memories of Memories at a speed four times thanks to the potential of improved transport. It is reported that the average time to transfer a video file in the first version of the car reaches 9 seconds, while average time in the new version to less than 3 seconds for video.

Recall that the price system of the Spectacles up to 149.99 USD and can store up to 150 videos, 3,000 pictures at a time with a possibility of export to the Snapchat later on when I have the phone close to the glasses.

What do you think of the design and specifications of the second generation of the system of Spectacles for?

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