Company specialized in construction says that the tablet and iPad provide us $ 1.8 million per year


The concept of tablet devices is not entirely new, although it’s safe to say that Apple contributed to raising the profile of this type of devices thanks to the launch of the revelation of the iPad. In the last few years, we have seen how it is to rely on tablet devices, not only by consumers, but by companies, sports teams, also, there is a good reason for it.

According to a new report released recently from the website Business Insider, it revealed the head of the company Rogers-O’Brien specialized in construction how to use his company’s revelation of the iPad has led to a saving of up to us $ 1.8 billion annually, including 55000 hours reductions in working hours. This compared to the previous method which involves the use of charts paper.

According to Mr. Todd Wayne, he says that with the use of the tablet, the iPad, was to keep everyone informed on the plans is easy. In the arena with the use of paper, there was no need to copy sheets multiple times, and this in turn was uncomfortable because of the changes that are made on a single plan implies the need to create a copy of the latest to be distributed.

This also means costs in terms of paperwork and printing, as well as comfort, where it was very easy to carry Tablet the iPad instead of the pack of stacked papers. However, while this highlights the potential of the iPad in businesses, we assume that this can be achieved with any tablet that supports document sharing / cloud storage.


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