Company SwiftKey stopped support for the development of its Swiftmoji

شركة SwiftKey تُوقف الدعم لتطبيقها Swiftmoji

شركة SwiftKey تُوقف الدعم لتطبيقها Swiftmoji

About two years ago from now, the company released SwiftKey keyboard app Swiftmoji on both Android and iOS, with this motherboard the ability to predict with expressions based on the phrase that the user typed, and has worked Swiftmoji essentially in the same way that you currently use motherboard SwiftKey, both with automatic writing or predictive.

Generally after two years of all know today SwiftKey from the closure of the applied Swiftmoji where he became and on the tongue spokesman for the company redundant have already been introducing most of the functions in the main panel, the periscope at it closely, and haven’t experienced keyboard Swiftmoji any update since October of 2016, as well as from its base to the Republic for which the setting of anywhere between 500,000 and 1 million downloads, which pales in comparison with plate swift emulator, which exceeded 100 million.

Finally, referring to swift you to apply will be available for download, but will not receive any future updates, that you would at this stage prefer to use the layout or the color scheme of the Swiftmoji for any reason, you can download it simply but remember that you won’t get the update.

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