Company Tesla also want to bring YouTube to its electric car to make it more welfare

Tesla Model 3

Designed our policies to take us from point A to point B, but it seems that in trying to change the way our leadership and how we see our cars, the CEO of Tesla, Mr. Elon Musk, in some new ideas. For example, not long ago announced that it would be possible to run the game Cuphead in the context of Tesla. Moreover, it has recently revealed that it will be possible to run the game Fallout Shelter in the police cars.

Now in the sudden emergence in education conference annual E3 2019, disclosed Mr. Elon Musk also that the YouTube app will be released to the policies and Tesla in the future. There wasn’t any information about the material which will provide access to YouTube in the context of Tesla, but this feature can require it in the future.

We expect to apply the same precautions series on YouTube, where you can watch the videos only if the car is parked in the stop mode. And for those who have not heard about it before, this is the same safety requirements necessary to run games in the car also. We suspect that the ability to run YouTube in your car will be a major selling point for Tesla, but it will be another good way to take advantage of the huge screen used in the context of Tesla.


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