Company Tesla is finally starting to manufacture hatchet solar for the roofs of houses


I started a company Tesla to receive pre-orders on the Tiled solar energy in the month of May last year. Customers interested they have to deposit 1000 USD, and while it was supposed to start a company Tesla installation process in the United States during the past summer, it has delayed the process. However, it seems that the company Tesla managed to solve problems that were behind this delay is because they finally started the process of manufacturing a tiled solar energy.

The company said Tesla they began to manufacture a hatchet solar factory in New York. The company is now conducting a survey to the homes of customers who have deposited 1000 USD in the past year for this product. It should be noted that the Tiled solar energy and generate electricity, thus eliminating the need for solar power panels traditional. It is estimated that the hatchet was new solar company Tesla will cost less by about 15 percent compared with the solar panels normal. This means that the hatchet has new solar company Tesla will be 21.85 USD per square meter instead of the amount 24.50 USD which is the cost of its solar panels normal.

Hatchet the new solar company Tesla look like an axe ordinary, but it really is a small slabs overlapping designed to generate electricity out of solar energy so that it is almost impossible to distinguish between her and the hatchet. Customers can choose the women they wish to be covered by the hatchet of solar energy in the roofs of their own homes using the tool Tesla on the internet.

The maximum you can request is 70 percent. Needless to say, whenever asked for more of the hatchet of solar energy, the higher up the cost.


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