Company Tesla loses $ 702 million during the quarter, first fiscal year 2019

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The outcome of the delivery of the financial quarter of the first act, 2019 on the pace of similar developments in terms of loss, but its negative was a a higher degree, the company has lost $ 702 million this quarter for a number of reasons you learn the taxes and charges with the game of non-delivery of its electric car Model 3 owners scheduled a major role here.

Has the company achieved revenues of $ 4.5 million, down significantly from the last quarter of the financial company, which made $ 7.1 million income; but in spite of this it has been the current quarter compared with the same quarter of last year which ended with $ 2.6 million of revenue.

The company also announced it does not expect to achieve a profit during the second quarter of this year despite the prior permission of CEO Elon Musk that the company might return to the wheel of profit with the beginning of the third quarter, where it seems that his bet is coming in conjunction with complete deliveries of its electric car to customers during this period.

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