Company Tesla will begin manufacturing its electric car in China soon

Tesla model-s-001

Company Tesla has one factory to assemble its electric car in the United States, which is the factory where they are building all their policies. He was expected to be the first factory of foreign company in China, has confirmed the company Tesla now that they signed a preliminary agreement with the Government of Shanghai to build another factory there for the manufacture of its cars.

Confirmed a spokesperson on behalf of the company in an email that the company will start building the new factory after a short time of securing the required permits. This plant will be able to produce 500 thousand electric vehicles per year to customers in China within two to three years.

It should be noted that the manufacturing facility located in California has not yet reached this production level, partly due to production problems the initial with the policy of the Tesla Model 3. The company has been able only recently to achieve its goal of producing 5000 cars a Tesla Model 3 in the week.

Reportedly, it was the company Tesla discussions throughout the year with authorities in China to open the first facility for the manufacture of cars in the country owned by a foreign company specializing in the automotive industry. It would also allow for Tesla to take advantage of the Chinese market despite trade disputes ongoing between Washington and Beijing where they won’t have anymore to import its vehicles from the United States to sell them there.


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