Company Twitter launches a feature to hide the replies on the tweets of all users

After promises from the company Twitter improve interaction and cross-platform social and many of the successive Tests for new features was most recently a property to hide the replies to the tweets the company has finally launched for all users around the world.

The new feature consists in the availability to hide the tweets or responses sequence for the user to tweet him president knowing they don’t disappear completely; it can be fun fans watch it, but by clicking on the grey icon the bottom of the Twitter core.

And Twitter that this feature is useful to your users based on their mechanism used during the period of the test where they give greater control to the user content and to track conversation on his account, explaining that most users tend to hide the tweets of the subsidiary that are not linked to the primary site and spam them.

In addition to that, the company noted that the new option eliminates the chaos and displacement caused by the tweets, the serial number, knowing that 85% of the users the option to hide tweets they do not use the option to ban.

The company said in a statement the launch of the water to they still use the reviews of users and the practicalities of their use of water; which was of some concern of the use of the option of concealment, since the share icon tweet The Hidden be visible to everyone and therefore are afraid of the reaction of the people hidden their responses.



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