Company Vivendi officially renounce the idea of the acquisition on the company Ubisoft


A few years ago, the frequency that the company Vivendi has been trying to buyout the company Ubisoft leading the development of games. Companies refused to Ubisoft in the end deliver the same to buy Vivendi, and now it seems that the latter won’t do more attempts where he officially confirmed that they will retreat.

Has been disclosed about it by company Ubisoft itself where it seems that the company Vivendi won’t give up just try to take over the company Ubisoft, but will also sell all of their shares in the company which is said to worth $ 2.45 million USD. But what is ironic in this page is that in order to help in raising funds to buy back shares of the company Vivendi, had the company Ubisoft to request the help of Tencent, which owns several companies specializing in the gaming industry, including Riot and Epic Games.

Note that the page will be somewhat tentative, given that the agreement says that the company, Vivendi will get more shares in the company Ubisoft over the next five years. Five years after that, we will have to keep an eye out the situation to see if a company is Vivendi will try to get the company Ubisoft again. Or maybe Ubisoft more open about the idea of a buyout at that time.

Vivendi is a huge company owns many brands and companies under its umbrella. At one time they own Activision and Blizzard Entertainment prior to the implementation of the company Vivendi to become her name now Activision Blizzard.


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