Company Vivo reveal a fingerprint sensor long-awaited [CES 2018]

By 2017 the past, added a lot of developments in the field of smart phones, which was highlighted by the young, tight dialogue and change the ratio of its dimensions and the growing dependence on the Dual Cameras. However, we could not watch one of the more techniques a request pending: a fingerprint sensor built-in screen. Now within the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2018, bearing the company Vivo Chinese news great users: detect the first phone equipped with a fingerprint under the screen.

The story is not new, having already been announced earlier about the cooperation between Vivo and the company “Synaptics Synaptics” invest sensor and its integration within the smart phone, and what happens now is the actual width of the phone for the first time.

Before we talk too much, we have to point out that the phone is still a prototype, where is not detected the phone “physically” depends on this technical, but important is to show that the technique is effective and usable in smart phones securely and reliably, especially when we remember last year the show long between Samsung seats which ended up to not include the Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with a fingerprint under the screen, given the low performance of the technique at the time and the multiple problems encountered in the Samsung while trying to embed the sensor within the phones.

In relation to the sensor itself, it is available between the protection layer and the glass layer version of the optical network, while the electronic slide under the entire screen, which process the information coming from the sensor, where the fingerprint scan is scanned, not depending on the scanning three-dimensional ultrasound.

For Vivo, this company represents an excellent thing help them to compete more heavily in the smartphone market, especially to large companies such as Samsung and Apple continue to adopt this technology in its phones next, so the Chinese company intends to focus on the primacy of product launch to achieve the high sales in this area. Worth mentioning here is that Vivo’s already collaborated with the company Qualcomm, which worked in turn to develop sensor own clear insight and midwives of the state within the screen of the smartphone.

Did not provide company Vivo no definite information about the date of the introduction of the first smartphone based on this technology for users, and affirmed that it “will be over soon”.



Source: Company Vivo reveal a fingerprint sensor long-awaited [CES 2018]

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