Company Vivo reveal to us officially about the arrival of the phone Vivo APEX 2019

Vivo NEX S

Similar to most other manufacturers of smart phones, it chose the company Vivo turn not to disclose any smart phones new at CES CES 2019, which was held last week in Las Vegas, USA, but is supposed to change in late next month because the company Vivo has now started to send invitations to attend the official announcement of the phone, the typical currently known by the name of the symbolic Vivo Waterdrop in day 24 of the month of February next. Today, the company Vivo post more pictures of the painting in the calculation of its official social network of Chinese Weibo confirms through the advent of its new phone under the name Vivo APEX 2019.

Almost a year ago we saw the phone model Vivo the APEX with the screen frame slim, camera pop-up sensor and a fingerprint covers the bottom half of the screen as a whole. We now expect to know the phone Vivo APEX 2019 other techniques great.

He suggested one of the Warriors in the arena that the phone Vivo APEX 2019 new ” will change the perception people previous smart phones “. And, of course, still have to wait to see if this phone will come with a cool design never seen before in any smart phone or is that just media hype I don’t need them.


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