Company VMware may buy its parent company Dell

VMware شركة Dell

VMware شركة Dell

Training company “Dell” Dell to match the possibility of selling itself to one of its subsidiary companies, specifically a company of VMware, which because of financial problems and difficulties in paying their debts up to 50 million USD.

Andby network CNBC, “del” don’t you want to put up their shares in the stock market, and that is why you may resort to wrap a simple cross-sale of the same buy VMware, which listed itself in the stock market previously. In this way, gets the owner of the “del” on the shares in VMware, and they will be able to sell those shares and get liquidity of the material.

Gobbled “del” on VMware in 2015 to meet $ 67 million dollars, got 80% of its shares at that time. However, the continuing financial problems prompted the company to think seriously about selling itself.

Other options are available in front of “del” as a company, VMware full to buy foreign to get will material. But experts stressed the difficulty of embarking on such a matter by the Board, “del” which will meet during the weeks for a final decision.

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