Company Wars; The Future of marketing is the video

In the old short VERY the the company company ABC to change the model of its work, and the company produces video marketing for businesses and individuals to help them to view and assess their products and ideas.

In three years the past the wars to produce 200 videos and 100 customers. Contributed in education sector marketing digital content educational. So how was the beginning?

The beginning was typical, the story began within the walls of the university or villages where they launched the ongoing speeding itsAcc Makk“. Which aims to attract students to the University who have their projects or ideas can be transferred to companies emerging. Offering Sultan Yazid his idea in May 2013. Electronic platform offering summaries of the books on the form of videos short.!

Exceeded the project all stages of the metronome successfully in access to stage the final of the program there are the partners for the first time. He was a knight Hamdan runs a project to another within the same metronome but it came out one of the stages. And it says Al: “you are a believer of the existence of a partner and it is the reason for the success of any business trade, you add someone else with the same enthusiasm, passion, that. Imagine the amount of effort and the results the fastest“.

Describe Yazid its partnership with al-Hamadani: “from the most beautiful to be you have a version of you walk on Earth“. The idea of different complementary

After the completion of the program, the metronome became the project ready for launch. Only that things will change later, will bethe needs of the marketreason makes partners live interaction in the form of their work.

I didn’t change the model of work of the company?!

After the end of the program the metronome kicked off the partnership with their problems to the market. An electronic platform to provide service summaries of books on body clips video animated short in the limits of five minutes.

Started the hardships include when he left the Yazidi look offices metronome and meet the challenges of the market. There are two partners to the question of the role of publishing famous in Saudi Arabia about the extent of portability to convert their books to videos short, and the rights of publication. “Rights of publication are not able to overcome it“. The audience decipher looking for books audio and want to buy this product.

You were ever the market period long“. It was the Yazidi believe that the companies will pay for the service versus the development of the skills of its employees. And provide summaries of books to them in the league.!

But when we have prepared a questionnaire and interview the target group, the results were positive and indicate their desire for this service and their willingness to pay for it.

The observer for he knows well that in the period last appeared several companies offering the service of books, audio or summarize the books sound like Z“Dhad”, the snack book“SnackBook”, the audio book“kitabsawti”, and allowed“Masmoo3”, and are“iqraaly”. “By everyone five years ago I started my idea”, but it was the idea of Yazidi revolves around the display of books in a way the video, but keep within the challenges of the industry cluster and the role of publishing and licensing legal project.

After studying the requirements of the market economy partners to non – feasibility of their idea currently, and then change form to the company offering the services you need video in motion graphics “Motion Graphics” and graphics animated animation“Animation”.

Scroll the project and then to the incubator for a year and a half which had no role in helping them to incorporation in a formal. “He taught our organization too, didn’t start alone. Of accelerator of business we headed to iPad“. Support iPad was important of the hand to provide the Office of partners and offices for the meetings of clients, providing services, financial and legal. “The abundance of them that the cost of the lawyer’s legal“.

How created Wars environment Work Creative

Was the first client is the Office of intellectual property management at the University of Umm Al-Qura “of a challenge that you first sell your service or product, but here I think we have to convince the client of the importance of what we do and how we will know that the performance of the work and procedures,” he said. He was working the words on the video marketing explain the mechanism of registration of the patent. “The opportunity to get a client outside the network of your relationships was the shift of large US“. After starting the company in attracting big names.

The number of employees the company currently has 13 employees. In the beginning was to work with independent analysts “freelancer”. Continued Company on this model until 2016, all the team was working online. If it was it didn’t like Al very muchthe style of the work of our creative needs to Joe uniform, even out of our thoughts more creative“.

So launched the company strategy the main of the three objectives of the major. First started in construction the content of the special by theWe want to educate users about free industry video“. Of through books, e – lectures, wine and videos are educational.

 Secondly, work on building a team full, was Yazid a miracle so in a way the work of the system of management of the project Internal in the base camp“basecamp” said build tools enabled the team of work with someEvery thing online every thing JointWorking Group with. “This step helped us in the improvement of the quality of our work“. Step the second was the goal of access for customers a big.

Video marketing the most important services that are offered by ABC , but there Services again Launched the company’s service to convert materials educational to videos target two of the companies , institutions and government agencies that don’t still rely on brochures and guidance in explaining their services to customers. “We’ve analysed the writing is indicative of one of the sides of 140 pages to the several videos for a total of 22 minutes only

I found the company of some of the problems I have clients who are not fluent in the way the publishing and marketing of video on YouTube. She said the launch of the guide facility with all the video marketing produce to their customers explains all the steps posted and the video on YouTube.

In 2016 decided the company to launch the service the words on the tool on the internet you made the video. And put the idea on the group investment local. But it’s been met with disapproval the lack of feasibility, according to the group’s investment. “In all the time I find myself might have already the market“. Today there companies in the area offering this service.

Working within the industry production of video marketing for several companies locally such as the company moves“Hrakat” and company universes“Akwan”. “We were watching over our competitors force “. To learn more about the movement and the direction of the market.

Can command the attention of corporate local marketing through video than through the development of the annual in the celebrations of the Saudi national day, or celebrations of birthdays mushrooms read.

The future of marketing is the video“. Began to appear the names of the functions and positions of the new in has become known asstrategies to videoas he told us of Yazid.

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