Company Waymo planning to maybe launch a fleet of taxis, self-driving


It seems that the company Waymo subsidiary of Alphabet require to create a large fleet of self-driving cars, because the company Fiat Chrysler announced recently it has reached a new deal with the company Waymo offered under the company’s first ” thousand ” units of the car Chrysler Pacifica for a second, a car that is supposed to be converted into self-driving cars.

I didn’t reveal Waymo and Fiat Chrysler about the details of the transaction, but explained that some of the reports that the model 2018 of the car Chrysler Pacifica cost about 40 thousand dollars, which means that ” thousands ” of units that the company Waymo purchased will lead to a deal that could cost about $ 40 million, although there is a chance that you get a company Waymo on the policies of Chrysler Pacifica on this page at a lower price.

At the moment, the company uses Waymo cars Chrysler Pacifica turn them into self-driving cars by providing passes and the cameras are necessary in order to test the technology of self-driving affiliate in the public relations. However, it is still unclear what the company intends to Waymo do with the thousands of units of the car Chrysler Pacifica, but we wouldn’t be surprised in case if the company decided to Waymo launch his fleet of taxis self-driving own to compete with the likes of Uber and Lyft.

According to the President and CEO of Fiat Chrysler, Mr. Sergio Marchionne, has stated by saying : ” in order to move quickly and efficiently in the field of self-driving, it is necessary to establish partnership with technology leaders who have the same thinking. Continue our partnership with Waymo growth and prosperity; this represents the latest sign of our commitment to this technology “.


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