Company Xiaomi anticipation of some of the features of the phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S ahead of the official announcement

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 987

The Xiaomi company today published two video clips thrill of two of the supported features artificial intelligence in the phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S with the knowledge that he was to publish all the declarations on the social network of Chinese Weibo. It should be noted that all the declarations painting of famous painters and their artwork, and you can find a link to the video headline below.

The first teaser is a video featuring the classic tune the voice of Johann Strauss and the art objects of artists such as Van Gogh, the icon of Conquest, which suggests that the phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S will feature Conquest by face, Face Unlock which is exposed on the face of the user regardless of whether wearing a hat or have a beard.

The teaser of the second, he knows us famous paintings and the symbol of conformity to indicate that the rear camera of the phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S include a recognition scene that will provide automatically the ideal settings for the camera to photograph landscapes, buildings and people and pets and the waterfront.

Generally, you’re supposed to know everything about Xiaomi phone Mi Mix 2S when will be announced officially on the 27th day of the month of March, which means next Tuesday. In case if you don’t know it, it is the same day in which Huawei slide the curtain officially series phones Huawei P20 Series.

Teaser of the first | teaser II


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