Company Z finish her tour first investment led by Flagship Ventures

Close the first round investment for the company Z without disclosure of their financial value.

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Group announced the Forerunner Ventures and investment from the leadership round investment to buy Z author platform story and the mirrors and audio books, with the participation of the fund of Vision Ventures, 500 Startups, and the number of individual investors from the foundation for OQAL headband, and the Saudi investment bold (SVC).

Aims the new investment to expand in the field of audio entertainment more than ever before, especially with the growing interest in this type of content, as it also aims to develop the experience of the listeners of the audio throughout the Arab world.

The organization provides a wide range of audio content from books and stories, has been remarkably successful during the past period.

Referred to investors as well as company Z did not know any details about the value of a round later the first company.


Raed Ventures

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