Company’s Current Reports my Facebook because of the use of its logo in a coin Libres digital

Company offering banking services across phone Current sue Facebook for violating its logo and use it as the logo of the organization of care supporting LeBron digital.

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It seems that misfortunes never come on the Facebook ambition release its digital encrypted, LeBron. After the exit of PayPal of the organization of care supporting work, and then follow the eBay step and Mastercard for step, came the turn of companies from outside the flock to digital currency in a different way by raising a case against the company for violating its logo in the photo above.

As the company Current provides banking services to users through a special application on smart phones, has decided to sue Facebook.

This move comes due to the similarity of the enormous contrast between its slogan and logo announced by Facebook when it unveiled its digital.

Is similar to hair walls, the existence of the circle and wavy line in the middle with the company name down, the difference is the presence of a blank line with a sense Current ripple color.

This feeling, make the company Current sink time of ridicule from Logo care and say, “this is what happens when you have the color of just one”.

But it now came to the case against it is not Economic to ridicule, it is controversial that all people managers have been designed from a company Character in San Francisco, which was called for due to this design, but the most exciting company Current having a feeling for a long time previously, why not adoption within the brands, so that their adoption for the company came after the Facebook of digital currency a week ago, and it might be in favor of the last bit, but even so it’s not that easy because the first well-known company years ago with the same feeling.

All in all, it seems that the theme of the launch of the LeBron Digital has become in the way is smoothed for launch with those positions successive.



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