Compare cheap camera phones: iPhone 11 iPhone vs XR

Lately the camera and not performance was the main measure of progress in the development of smartphones. The wider the photographic capabilities of the new model, the more attractive it may be. However, there are some nuances. When detail and color reproduction have reached a high level camera was evaluated by the quality of optical stabilization, then portrait photos, after – the ability to zoom without loss of quality, and now, apparently, everything was back to basics and into fashion again entered detailed images with minimal noise.

iPhone iPhone 11 or XR – what to choose, if you need a good camera?

With the release of iOS 13.2 new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max has received technology support Deep Fusion, which analyzes each pixel of a frame, saving it from the noise and finer details. Despite the fact that it’s just a variation on the textbook button “to do well”, having more to do with software, rather than the actual abilities of the camera, the picture quality after processing by the algorithms increases significantly. But does it make sense to buy an iPhone 11 Deep for Fusion, or better to save and get the iPhone XR?

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Compare cameras iPhone XR and iPhone 11

Photo with the application of Deep Fusion for iPhone 11

Photo on iPhone XR

Both images of the pair look pretty high quality. Color, detail, contrast – everything is at a high level. However, the superiority of the iPhone 11 is noticeable even to the naked eye. Especially the work Deep Fusion is visible when you look at the top of the building. There is the division of the brickwork appears more clearly, while increasing and even the pattern on a decorative column in the middle can be seen more clearly. In short, here iPhone 11 and software post-processing algorithms performed better than the iPhone XR.

11 iPhone lost iPhone XR as a photo

iPhone XR even without Deep Fusion takes better iPhone 11

And the second pair is made without the use of Deep Fusion, I iPhone XR liked more. When you look at the grid on the picture taken with the rear camera 11, the impression of any interference, but if to look at the floor or ceiling, it begins to seem that iPhone lost iPhone 11 XR in detail. It turns out that no artificial post-processing camera of the new model is not so perfect.

Whose portraits better: iPhone or iPhone 11 XR

Portrait photo for iPhone XR softer

iPhone 11 in portrait photo too much soap background

Portrait pictures for your iPhone and iPhone 11 XR turned out too different. If the old man is completely focused on people, but quite softly blurred back and foreground, which made a bar, the novelty worked worse, highlighting only woman in the foreground. The bokeh effect in the performance of the iPhone 11 turned out too vigorously. This can be seen by looking at the sign from behind.

Left iPhone 11, right — iPhone XR

But the portraits animal iPhone 11 do better. Not to say that this is ideal, but the novelty is at least able to do portraits of animals, while the iPhone XR requires the mandatory presence in the frame of a human face. So last year subfragment though not coped with the blur background behind the cat picture was good at least due to the fact that does not give strained by the bokeh effect as in the case of iPhone 11, which have blurred the background somehow unnatural.

Whose detail above: the iPhone iPhone 11 or XR

iPhone 11 with Deep Fusion again proved to be the best

iPhone XR shoots well, but it lacks detail Deep Fusion

The fifth couple of shots and again Deep Fusion pulls the entire picture. Thanks to the work of the technology, the iPhone 11, literally crunches from the components, allowing them to even see the pattern on the laminate (or what is it?), which adorn the walls. But stand – apparently because black – iPhone 11 worked, frankly, so-so. In any case, the iPhone vision of the XR I liked more. But for parts Deep Fusion I’m willing to forgive the novelty of these flaws.

Pictures with woolen items — skate Deep Fusion

Well, taking the crown iPhone 11 – treatment of woolen goods. This pair is best seen as a good technology Deep Fusion, when it comes to the detail of tiny objects. In the end, what could be finer than the wool fibres? Then new showed itself from the best side, literally freezing every villus, while the iPhone XR coped, though not bad, but still have blurred them to cope is not so good as a rookie.

Which is better: iPhone or iPhone 11 XR

Does it make sense to take iPhone 11 only because of the camera? Well, if now your smartphone is the iPhone XR, definitely not. However, if you are looking for smartphone in the price range of subliminal, it is best to pay attention to novelty. Even if we forget about ultrasonically the camera, which distorts the objects in the upper and lower parts of the lens, even when shooting on the main shirik with the application of Deep Fusion you’ll get a ringing quality shots, which will never get, taking XR on an iPhone.

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