Compare specification of Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2

Revealed HMD Global royal brand Nokia phone two smartphones within the event Eva submitted these days in Berlin the capital of Germany; they are Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2, as the name suggests an understanding of the latest series of Nokia 6, Nokia 7, respectively.

مقارنة مواصفات هاتفي Nokia 7.2 و Nokia 6.2 1

مقارنة مواصفات هاتفي Nokia 7.2 و Nokia 6.2 1

First of evolution to compare the details of the specification of the two phones, it should be noted that the availability of the phones will not only be in the three areas announced to date; India and the US supports the two phones technology NFC, but will provide technical phones allocated to the United States and Latin America. Is expected to put phones in the Arab markets later, despite the absence of official information.

At first glance, you’ll find that the two phones identical in design and, given the specifications it seems that the performance difference is a factor of interaction between Nokia 6.2 Nokia 7.2 although the both category are available, the latter outperforms in the ability of the processor capacity, RAM, and the side cameras, the Nokia 7.2 in the accuracy of the cameras, but setting up the cameras stays the same.

Despite the availability of Android 10, it seems that the two phones will be released of the box with Android System 9, which means their access to the Android 10 as an update later don’t expect the delay is because Nokia is a member in the program Android One premium launch update to Android in its raw quick for users, and without further prolonging, here’s the comparison.

Comparison of specifications Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2

Nokia 6.2

Nokia 7.2

The screen
Type LCD display, measuring 6.3 inches, strictly +FHD
Snapdragon 636Snapdragon 660
3 or 4 GB4 or 6 GB
32 or 64 or 128 GB64 or 128 GB
The front camera
8 MP20 MP
Rear cameras
16 + 8 + 5 MP48 + 8 + 5 MP
3500 mAh
Operating system
Android 9
About 250$About 300$

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