Compare the performance of the Snapdragon 855 and Apple A12 Geekbench

New Apple smartphones will receive the new single-chip system. Yet everyone calls her the Apple of the A12, and I see no reason why a company would use a different name.

In General, today in Geekbench database appeared smartphone iPhone11,2 (as he determines), which is one of the future updates. Running iOS 12 the smartphone is gaining in the test 4673 and 10 912 points in single-threaded and multithreaded modes, respectively.

And here is the most interesting. As if the result is great, but A11 Bionic shows about the same. Somewhere around 4200 10 and 200 points. It turns out that the increase is very modest. This suggests that the A12 will only be improved and translated into a new process version A11 Bionic. But to get upset about it obviously is not necessary, as performance is still behind the eyes.

Also today, the Network appeared the test results Snapdragon 855. However, if in the case of the A12 are all checked, then there is a possibility that it is fake.

In General, the Snapdragon is gaining 855 992 3033 and 10 points. That is, in megapolice new Qualcomm ahead of a new Apple platform, but in single-threaded mode is still a strong gap.

But that is not important. It is important that Snapdragon 845 gaining about 2500 and 9000 points, respectively, that is, 855 Snap will be a decent boost relative to previous solutions, which is good news.

It remains to add that Geekbench tests should be viewed as conditional, as it is a synthetic tests.

By the way, Snapdragon 855 supposedly tested the new Sony smartphone that will also get 8 GB of RAM. Presumably, this XZ3 XZ3 or Premium.

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