Compared between the speed of the connection to the iPhone XS Galaxy S9 and Pixel 3

After the announcement of the iPhone Xs, Xs Max XR on September 12, announced last blog, communications of the radio and its about the possibility of a problem in the reception of LTE / Wi-Fi, an analysis based on the results of the performance tests of the antenna of the Ministry of communications of America.

And now, with the receipt of complaints of poor connectivity of the iPhone XS/XS max, it seems that the engineer of communications, Andrew Shepard, the owner of the blog was right already, although the presence of amplifiers to strengthen the signal is good in iPhones. new, except that the antenna is not able to get the signal strong enough.

It is noteworthy that Apple has developed 4 different antennas in iPhones. the new cover more frequencies of the fourth generation networks, but because of this problem, in addition to the presence of the metal structure perimeter of the phones may be is what has contributed to get a weaker signal, which indicates that it is possible to solve the problem in part through the issuance of a new update for phones, but it may be linked also to the design itself.

Since it can’t use more than one antenna at the same time, tests show the Ministry of communications of America over poor reception in areas with the quality of the signal is weak or lower than expected, while the engineer also checks the results of tests of the strength of cell phone reception pixels 3 XL who found it will perform excellent.

This has also been a review of the results of each of the phones Galaxy S9 and iPhone X to compare the strength and quality of signal on the frequencies of different networks.

Source: WiWaveLength 1 – 2 – 3

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