Compared to the changes between iOS 13, iOS 12

Apple introduced a general version of the first system operating (iOS 13), which include most of the things contained within (iOS 12), along with many improvements, and we try to get through the report the following comparison (iOS 13) and (iOS 12) to help readers figure out new and different.

Expansion and compatibility:

Expect a public beta version of the system (iOS 13) for all users, it is likely the arrival of the final version sometime in September, alongside the iPhone 11 new.

Will be (iOS 13) compatible with all devices that can run (iOS 12), so that you need to (iPhone 6S) or (iPhone SE) or phone, latest, or device (iPod Touch) than the previous generation.

You also won’t get the iPad operating system (iOS 13), but you will get the compatible devices on the system (iPadOS) new.

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Dark mode and log in

There is the feature of two new among (iOS 13) are the dark mode (Dark Mode) and log in using the Apple TV.

The dark mode is a color system Dark level the system works with all native apps, will be available to developers external to integrate it in their apps.

Designed this situation to facilitate the use of the iPhone when in low illumination environment, and can be set to play at sunset or at a specific time, with the possibility to switch quickly through the Control Center.

While the feature lets you sign in using the Apple ID is used Apple TV to log into apps and websites with a single click, an idea similar to the idea of logging in to the services of Facebook and Google, but they focus on privacy, allowing the user to hide the e-mail address, and will not track Apple activity.


Bring (iOS 12) to support a significant performance compared to (iOS 11), but it seems that (iOS 13) formatted to improve things, since the Apple claims that are being run applications at a faster rate twice using (iOS 13), while increase the speed of the feature (Face ID) by 30 percent.

As this was supposed to go out to at least the size of software downloads and updates, although that applies to users (iOS 12) also.


Get voice assistant Siri on the improvements with each version of (iOS), as reinforced (iOS 12) translation skills, Good significantly the ability of the plugin to provide useful suggestions, and added the application (Siri Shortcuts), which allows creating the procedure quick and custom can be operated using a specific.

And still everything that exists in the (iOS 13), but has become better now, where the Assistant can ask follow-up questions when you run the test if there is a need to provide additional information, and the ability of Siri to offer suggestions.

As Apple has become the most enjoyable through the pictures which looks more natural thanks to the technical neural cutting-edge text-to-speech.

Camera photos

Got the field of photography and camera on a great interest in (iOS 13), after neglecting the Apple TV for these features in the (iOS 12).

Got the camera on the mode (Portrait Lighting) enhanced as part of the system (iOS 12), while the read codes (QR) automatic, with improved ability to search for specific images according to the event and the use of search terms with multiple.

You can (iOS 13) change the intensity of lighting in the mode (Portrait), added Apple monochromatic effect new, there is also a liberating experience completely redesigned to allow a review of each effect independently and take advantage of the editing tools in the New Photos app, such as noise reduction; and correcting the perspective.

The biggest change in how to view the pictures, with the new tab can highlight footage from days or months or years specific.


Added Apple TV more details to the Maps app (Maps) with (iOS 12), along with things like entry with precision the larger and more modern information, in addition to use the information to their own maps, rather than relying on third parties.

This allows you to apply the maps in (iOS 13) look at the places on the ground level, in a three-dimensional (3D), such as (Google Street View).

You can also get information about transport in real time, there are maps more realistic and detailed in specific locations, in addition to the possibility to access more easily to favorite sites, so the tuning methods of development to places that help them often be faster.

Tickets, messages and lime

Re Apple TV design application ticket on the operating system (iOS 13), which allowed access to a completely new interface, support for attachments, lists, smart, organized and reminders automatically, allowing you to choose to display relevant reminders on specific or reminders, or scheduled or all reminders.

Allowed Apple TV users the possibility to customize the interactions further with the name (Animoji) memory (Memoji) within the (iOS 12), while added within the (iOS 13) characters of the name are: octopus, mouse and cow.

Also added more customization options for memory, the phone can now manufacture package the stickers contain characters time anymore.

Improve the company messages also, where can apply the same messages share your name and your photo, and you can choose whether you want to share that with everyone or your Contacts Only or nobody.

It also enhanced the search tool in the messages, which are supposed to know automatically messages, photos, modern and the like which you might be looking for before you start writing, to make those results as soon as typing.

Augmented reality

Added Apple system (iOS 12) platform (ARKit 2), which allows shared experiences in augmented reality (AR), which opened the doors to all kinds of games and apps augmented reality multi-player.

Moved Apple TV with (iOS 13) to the platform (ARKit 3), which allows the augmented content to pass realistically behind or in front of people in the real world more realistically.

It also allows augmented reality the possibility of using front and rear cameras on your at the same time, the community faces multiple, finding the problems of reality enhanced by using (Reality Composer), and through the simple controls for the projector.

Other features

Added system (iOS 12) notices collected; and the time of the screen; and data on Do Not Disturb mode; besides the application of new measurement and updates to small for most applications, you’ll find all this in the (iOS 13), but with further additions and updates, such as update (CarPlay); and audio; the browser Safari; and notes; and applications; Health; music; others.

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