Compared to the export porter of the iPhone 8 plus and S9 and the pixel 2 XL

Since supporting the development of export porter of the iPhone 7 plus, introduced many companies have this feature which is to focus on a particular element of the page and make the background blurry, providing Samsung Live Focus, has also supported the Google feature phones pixel and pixel 2.

Among the flagship phones, the iPhone 8 plus pixel 2 XL Galaxy S9 under test and this is the result:

The image of the simple and complex

Although this plant in the pot looks easy shooting in portrait, the production was complicated on the phones:

ITouch 8 plus – he produced a good image but the sharpness is not perfect as the leaves of the plant in the background was affected by very different.

Pixel 2 XL – the sharpness is very good, but the blur effect back looks uneven.

Galaxy S9 – sharpness does not show the details of the picture as well as in pixels 2 XL but it’s better than where the effect of the fog.

Winner – pixel 2 XL

Photography in the street

The picture was taken in the same place and time, but the result was very different:

ITouch 8 plus – nature warm settings photography made the color of the skin of the tea and tilted the orange a bit.

Pixel 2 XL – colors more realistic, the unit of the picture and the effect of fog is the best between the images, while the failure of all the competitors in dealing with the background well.

Galaxy S9 – effect of the mist in the background is the worst, even impacted on the focus element in the image where the isolation of the monitor arm, the yellowing non-normal on the skin.

Winner: pixel 2 XL

The details of the leaves and improve the development

In this picture, the results were:

ITouch 8 plus – image beautiful colors and rich, so perfect, good sharpness as well as blur.

Pixel 2 XL – even though the colors aren’t as good as in the pixel 2 XL but the details of the rain on the flower is excellent, no doubt.

Galaxy S9 – once again fails to focus on the goal, where we find that many of the details of the flower is hidden, although the designer tried too much to capture a good picture this was the best result.

Winner: iPhone 8 plus

The suffering of the photography in low light

Suffered both the S9 and iTouch 8 plus in poor lighting a lot to make an impact insulation the results were as follows:

IPhone 8 plus : after many attempts to use the flash to results worse than we see above, produced this result.

Pixel 2 XL : without any effects or attempts appeared the best outcome both in terms of the colors or focus, isolation.

Galaxy S9 : the effect of the blur behind the image is good, but the details of the table, bananas, very bad, open the photo that they scanned, such as photos taken with a phone 5 years old.

Winner: pixel 2 XL

The suffering of the background busy

It seems that the weak point of the pixel in the portrayal of porter is dealing with a lot of elements in the background where imaging results:

ITouch 8 plus – despite a busy background I can focus well on the plant, but if you look closely between the leaves, you’ll find that one of the show posters from.

Pixel 2 – good sharpness, but couldn’t isolate the bottle full.

Galaxy S9 – provided the best result, but the sharpness is not strong, as he couldn’t isolate the bottle near the well, but he succeeded in isolating what he failed to do. iTouch 8 plus.

Winner: Galaxy S9

Excellent results in normal lighting

There is no problems when you have good lighting where the results were:

ITouch 8 plus – brighter and warmer, but he couldn’t show the details of the hair or the color of his realism.

Pixel 2 XL – good image in terms of sharpness, but he showed the pores of the skin. losing skin color his life on the recipe source.

Galaxy S9 – treated with the people the best of iTouch 8 plus, as well as the colors more realistic, and more energetic, but the face has become smooth increased.

Winner : iPhone 8 plus

Sounds complicated but its easy

Due to the proximity of the focus element in the picture elements in the background of this picture look complicated, but the phones provided very good result:

ITouch 8 plus – worked in focus on the camera front-well, until the collar of the camera, but the image was bright and warm increase.

Pixel 2 XL – the sharpness and focus is excellent, isolation is good.

Galaxy S9 – as a result of very close pixel 2 XL, and even the best insulation, but the sharpness is not good.

Winner: pixel 2 XL

Winner in Photography in the development of the porter

The winner of the overall pixel is 2 XL, but every phone has its drawbacks, and have 8 plus tends to give the images a warm tone is what makes it not realistic in dealing with colors sometimes, and in return we find that the Galaxy S9 best with the colors but fail in low light or very high, and the iPhone 8 plus not good also in low light.

Miss pixel 2 XL was not clear in sharpness and focus, but was easy to use as the source significantly for some of the competitors, so it is advised that shooting in portrait you should be in good lighting for the iPhone 8 plus and S9, it is also recommended to expand the interval between the focus element and background isolated.

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