Comparison between Apple Music and Spotify: who is the best?

When it comes to participants, the king of music on demand with no competition is Spotify, topping the service of the Swedish market currently has tens of millions of subscribers who pay more than competitors, not to mention the countless number of millions of users crazy.

However, the Apple Music, known to correct exclusive high-level and full integration in iOS fashionable on the iPhone and iPad, is a service most suitable currently service Spotify.

I showed the music streaming service of Apple’s tremendous growth in the number of listeners since its launch, as it made about half the number of users who pay service Spotify, who have reached nearly 40 million subscribers per month since its appearance in June 2015 after nine years of the advent of Spotify.

Away from the people we need to know what is the best service, knowing that Spotify is planning in recent availability in the Middle East and North Africa, and shows it is applications to content the Arab this place in Dubai.


  • Music library

I have a Spotify library giant, consisting of 30 million cut of the musician is constantly growing by adding more exclusive content to common and new.

The Swedish police to add latest videos every Friday and its in the tab “new releases” to users.

In contrast, we find that the Apple Music quickly overtook the company’s emerging nurse at this level, where the library component of the 40 million cut to a musician.

Taken Apple steps to secure many exclusive offers more than competitors, they are used to their potential large financial contracting with artists to get them exclusive content.

Music service from Apple has integration with the iTunes library This is another advantage observed by the competitors, to benefit the American company from the date it big with the music industry.


  • Explore music

With such a huge number of music content, it is necessary to operate services to broadcast music to facilitate the access to all this as the tendencies of the users as well as enable advanced searches.

Service Spotify provides a lot of useful tools to find new songs to fit your individual taste. Provide playlists like Release Radar and New Music Friday and Personal which the latest new music and enables users to identify new artists.

Playlists and other personal such as Smoking Mixes in which the company users what fits their taste and depends on the music that came previously to bring music that is similar and competitive.

For the Apple Music service, when you create an account, users are required to choose some of their favourite artists so you can service to recognize their tastes. Each ball represents an artist, where users click on the balls certain to refer to artists who like them or love them. You can also always refer Cross-Tab “account”- can be accessed by clicking on the icon in the upper-left corner of the “For You” will do the music that suits you.

Know you Service music according to the activity currently being undertaken by both sports, driving or reading in accordance with an intelligent algorithm.


  • Radio

The Spotify cancel the tab “radio” in the past, and replace it with a “supported operating system” instead, which can be found under the tab “search” (where you can, of course, the search for artists to propose new music) this feature gives you recommendations for related content based on your music interests.

This means that the radio in this service is not traditionally, but there are you to view live content by topic according to the music that you prefer and not as channels.

The Apple Music service they provide you to view channel and listen to her live broadcasting, search and of course the online service.

The most notable channels in this service are Beats 1, in which a group of experts and innovators in 3 issues between Los Angeles, New York and London with the triple (Zane Lowe – Ebro Darden – Julie Adenuga) .


  • Subscription fee

The cost of the Apple Music service is about $ 10 per month, as is the case with the Spotify Premium and Tidal Premium Service Pandora on request.

Was Apple initially hoped to undermine its competitors by offering its services for 8 bucks, or even $ 5 per month, but this plan derailed through the signs of the principal that owns the rights to the vast majority of songs and music which require large amounts.

To make the Apple Music subscription or Spotify more attractive, offering both package private family allows customers to add up to six individual accounts for a total of US $ 15 per month. You can save costs in service through annual subscription of $ 99 USD only.

Here provides the Apple TV only 3 months free on the service, then the user must start paying the monthly or annual subscription, we find that the Spotify offer a free version full of service users and ads to get rid of this last required the user to upgrade to the paid version.


  • The user interface and experience of use

Interface was the Apple Music when I launched the app the first time complicated and difficult to deal with and with the following versions of iOS 10 and iOS 11, The design has become cumbersome experience more streamlined and must be submitted by music lovers. The library is now in the main page of the music application can access to all the music owned in this tab, you can easily choose between playlists, Artists, Albums, songs music downloaded.

Clicking the tab For You now to bring many of the custom options different. Provides you My New Music Mix playlists everyday more ways to discover new melodies, while providing you a tab to Browse a means to explore music, videos, and exclusive content.

Can those who are looking for something specific, use the tab “search”, which allows you to quickly search by either the library or personal library, the Apple Music.

On the other hand, to merge the company’s personal assistant Siri with the service of her music, what makes the use of the personal assistant to explore the sections and find possible using voice commands.

In contrast I’ve always had Spotify a leader in this area in terms of the possibility to use absolute. Applications provide mobile and Desktop Users an easy way to become music and access to playlists and listen to online radio, discover new music. Is the navigation bar in the program part of three separate sections: the main clips and music playlists.

Each section contains its own group of sub-categories of the initiative, which provides users easy access to features of the service.

The app includes a search box that supports prediction and feature suggestions the instant, in addition to providing search results, a question of place or of service.

The free version of Spotify has always been bad on the level of experience of use, but in recent weeks the company announced a free version-New which made it easy to use and good advantages, and to encourage the participants of the Council to upgrade to the subscription paid.


In the end, I can confidently say that Spotify is better for several reasons, including that they provide full free version for those who do not currently wish to pay for music, while I don’t use the Apple Music service and their advantages are wonderful, and certainly we will find the important category of readers prefer the service of Apple for its rival, the famous and the issue of tastes and trends.


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