Comparison between the two fitness tracking Galaxy Fit Fitbit Inspire HR

Received wearable devices on the wide spread during the recent period; in particular, smart watches, and fitness tracking – that are similar with smart watches in terms of functionality – and that didn’t provide these hardware features working on tracking health status, saving time, facilitating the performance of daily tasks.

Entered company Samsung wearable device market 2013; when I submitted the smart watch (Galaxy Gear) Galaxy Gear with a square face, as we have seen different versions of watches over the years, and since then has entered the Samsung in strong competition with the few companies that produce wearable devices, most notably: Apple, Inc Fitbit Fitbit.

Samsung has launched during the month your fitness tracking (Galaxy Vita) Galaxy Fit, announced during the month of February, which is smaller, and lighter than H by the Galaxy Watch Activ Galaxy Watch Active – which is one of the most important smart watches available in the market currently – as it is less priced ones, where available at a price of $ 99 only, and this makes it more suitable in achieving fitness goals.

مقارنة بين جهازي تتبع اللياقة البدنية Galaxy Fit وFitbit Inspire HR

This machine adopts advanced displays long from Samsung, which dates back to a series of Gear Fit, as it contains some impressive features like: water resistant depth up to 50 meters, heart rate monitoring, and follow up the performance of the exercise is automatically (walking, running, biking, kayaking), tracking sleep automatically propose tips for a better sleep, in addition to the phone notification.

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In the following comparison of device tracking fitness Galaxy Fit, Fitbit Inspire HR:



Think Fitbit Inspire HR device fitness tracking the closest device to Samsung’s new series of Fitbit, which up the price to $ 99 also.

When looking for the two devices the first time you won’t find a difference in design, both of which contains a rectangular screen of the touch screen, and one button on the left side to move to the main screen, but in device Galaxy Fit you can use this button to start tracking your workout quickly by pressing and hold, this feature is not available in your Fitbit Inspire HR.

Different devices in the screen, where the device is a Fitbit Inspire HR contains the screen supports two-color white and black only, instead of a colored screen in your Galaxy Fit.

Comes device Galaxy Fit screen of the type AMOLED, the size of 0.95 inches, while the device is Fitbit Inspire HR screen type OLEDsize is 1.4 inches.

Mooring device (Galaxy Vita) Galaxy Fit, thin feel rubber strength, make you feel comfortable on the wrist, connects tightly, you can navigate on the device screen through multi-touch and, this function works well, but not easy to do this during development in the two devices, because the text looks small.


The Galaxy Fit it is very easy to download a limited set of five faces customizable on the device, even on the system (iOS) iOS, through knowledge of the images of the device looks like in an hour Apple Smart Apple Watch, while there is no this feature in the Fitbit device.

It can also show the data tracking exercise, heart rate, weather, and some other statistics on the screen, but you can’t navigate between them, or seeing more than two variables at one time, which is annoying.

In the device Fitbit Inspire HR, you can scroll to see the information quick statistics daily such as: heart rate during activity or rest, and track the exercise, number of calories. Also supports the tracking feature active automatic all day long, and the stages of sleep, in addition to the possibility of sending notifications of the smartphone, as the Samsung device.

The most important characteristic of device Fitbit Inspire HR; is the feature of monitoring heart rate 24 hours a day, seven days a week during activity or rest.


Works Samsung device with a battery capacity of 120 mAh/hour, you can charge it wirelessly, and while I didn’t explain Fitbit battery capacity, and it lasts up to 5 days work on one charge and battery life cycles charging vary with use, settings, and other factors.

Also supports devices feature water resistant up to 50 meters, connect via Bluetooth only.

It should be noted that Samsung has launched her watch (Galaxy Watch Activ) Galaxy Watch Active earlier this year, which are similar with the Galaxy Fit in terms of functionality, but supports a larger number of features.

مقارنة بين جهازي تتبع اللياقة البدنية Galaxy Fit وFitbit Inspire HR

Device does not support Galaxy Fit: to store or play music, or any payments via mobile devices, or Global Positioning System (GPS), or follow the custom of the race, or the integration with fitness apps third-party as is the case in H Galaxy Watch Active. Accordingly include the former a greater number of features, while not only cost only $ 200.

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