Comparison: iPhone XS Max vs OnePlus 7 Pro. Who is faster?

May 14, the company OnePlus revealed to the world its new flagship smartphone – the OnePlus 7 Pro. The novelty has turned out to be really interesting on many factors – here and in full display, occupying virtually all available space, and high-end features and a relatively affordable price. All this, no doubt, will become OnePlus 7 Pro a real bestseller. But can the newly minted flagship to compete with the iPhone? Let’s find out.

The speed comparison between iPhone XS Max Pro 7 and OnePlus decided to hold the leading channel Phone Battles. Under this test, the blogger launched simultaneously on both smartphones the most popular apps and games. The results of this experiment, to put it mildly, surprised.

The undisputed winner in normal daily use has been recognized by OnePlus 7 Pro. New lost run applications much more iPhone XS Max. In individual programs, the Chinese smartphone was faster more than two times. Alas, the flagship Apple could compete only when you run heavy games.

However, it was quite predictable — OnePlus 7 Pro features the latest high-speed memory standard UFS 3.0. In fact, this is the first smartphone in the world with the flash memory of the new generation. In some cases, UFS 3.0 is almost two times faster than its predecessor, the data transfer rate is 2.4 GB/s compared to 1.2 GB/s. Quite an impressive figure.

Recall that the price of OnePlus 7 Pro starts from $ 669. iPhone XS Max offers to consumers from 1099 dollars. In both cases, the price for the base model — 6/64 and 4/64 GB, respectively.

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