Comparison of Huawei phones P40 three

Revealed Huawei 3 model family P40; beside the standard phone’s P40 Pro وP40 Pro+.. and here we highlight the differences between them.

Design and

مقارنة بين هواتف هواوي P40 الثلاثة 1

مقارنة بين هواتف هواوي P40 الثلاثة 1

  • All models come in white, black and blue, there are additional colors to my pro.
  • Comes standard with a screen 6.1 inch, comes version Pro with 6.58 inch curved.

Comes P40 standard size smaller than the versions Pro which came with the same size, as tends to phone my pro back coated with a blocker to the effects of the fingers, it is estimated that there feel of a ceramic dedicated to one of the colors of the P40 Pro+.

For them, the standard P40 is smaller, and comes with a Olid, 6.1-inch flat accuracy 1080×2340 pixels and the updated normal (60 Hz), the screen is curved the parties in P40 Pro and P40 Pro+ free 1200 x 2640 pixels at the rate of update 90 Hz.


  • All models come with a processor Kirin 990 and even 8 GB RAM, 512 GB of storage.
  • The standard comes with a battery 3800 mAh ice Pro with a battery of 4200 mAh.

Similar to the performance of the models P40 thanks to its reliance on Kirin990 the strongest of Huawei, which brings the support of networks of the fifth generation.

Although the phones come Android 10 later, open the Google services and on top of the App Store and Google Play, so you have to be looking for version APK apps as well as WhatsApp and YouTube and updated manually.

Capacities of the battery starts from 3800 MA in the P40, and 4200 mAh in P40 Pro P40 Pro+, and vary the speed of the wired charging of 22.5 Watts in normal to 40 watts in my Edition Pro. While it does not support regular wireless charging, called P40 Pro wireless charging at 27 watts وP40 Pro+ wireless charging at the 40 watt.

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Start RAM capacity in the P40 of 6 GB and storage capacity of 128 GB, the P40 Pro وP40 Pro+ starts with the Ram of 8 GB and relieve the storage capacities of 128 GB to 512 GB.


مقارنة بين هواتف هواوي P40 الثلاثة 2

مقارنة بين هواتف هواوي P40 الثلاثة 2

  • All models come with a camera Silva 32-megapixel camera accompanied by a sensor ToF scan three-dimensional.
  • P40 depends camera triple consisting of a key and very clear lens of the zoom.
  • P40 Pro think camera quad consists of a major and very clear lens of the zoom lens of the pan.
  • P40 Pro+ depends camera quintuple consisting of a major and very clear lens, two zoom lenses to the public.

The camera comes rates with a precision of 50 MP in all models, featuring girl f/1.9 install optical. Technology is used to integrate pixels to picture details of high.

Come wide lens very accurately 16 Macs aperture f/2.2 in the P40 ordinary, and thoroughly 40 megapixel aperture f/1.8 at P40 Pro and P40 Pro+.

The telephoto lens first available on all models also, the end 8-megapixel camera and supports the “optical zoom” 3 times, only in P40 Pro+ free 12-megapixel camera supports “optical zoom” 5 times.

And a close second in P40 Pro+ only free 8 megapixel camera and adds “optical zoom” up to 10 times.

The lens depth is of type ToF advanced and able to scan objects three dimensions.

And expected to find familiar features in place, from filming 4k video and night were artificial intelligence to identify the scene and adjust its colors.

Camera selfie strictly 32-megapixel, but the photos come out 8-megapixel camera in default mode thanks to the technique of combining pixels, accompanied with the camera of ToF that can bring recognition three-dimensional face and data on the augmented reality applications such as filters Snapchat.

Availability & pricing

  • P40 starts from a price of 800 euros that starting April 7.
  • P40 Pro starts from 1000 euros on that starting April 7.
  • P40 Pro+ starts from € 1400 and there is no start date for the offer until the moment.

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