Comparison of night photography on the iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone X !

Raised iPhone 11 new controversy among the users of Apple immediately announced, however, new photographs were taken by iPhone 11 Pro Max may affect the opinion of many in the government on the development of the iPhone.

The website quoted appleinsider has published a casual global fashion “Coco Rocha ” the image of the night was taken by an iPhone 11 Pro Max new in low light conditions, and was published along with her other image was taken by iPhone X in the same lighting conditions.

Although this comparison was not to experience the technology did not include a direct comparison with the previous version for Pro Max iPhone XS Max, they illustrate the huge developments in night photography on the iPhone, which bought a lot of Apple users.

مقارنة بين التصوير الليلي على iPhone 11 Pro Max و آيفون XComparison of night photography on the iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone X

As soon as the first look at the two pictures we note that the screenshot iPhone 11 Pro Max brighter with more colors and high details is more pronounced for those that picked up on it the iPhone X .

Was Apple had announced the night mode on an iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro in a special event last week, a new technology depends on the camera’s wide-angle and are processed through module A13 Bionic relying on artificial intelligence to get a brighter picture in low light conditions.

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