Competition between phone HUAWEI P20 Pro Camera Canon 700D


Now smartphone cameras have features may match the quality of the purchases reserve. Has witnessed the development of quality and new in recent years, and gained more abilities, skills and competence needs. Wong is one of the smart phones in the assumed prominence and power on the rest of the competitors, which phone HUAWEI P20 Pro, which offers customers the first camera in the world backed by the potential of artificial intelligence and in collaboration with the company ’Leica‘ specialized manufactures high-end cameras.


And provide phone HUAWEI P20 Proبكاميرا three leading contain a sensor of 40 megapixels with Aperture Lens (f/1.7), the color sensor mono accurately 20-megapixel camera to enhance the level of depth and enrich the structure of the shapes, as well as a sensor to record images with 8-megapixel camera that faces the lens of the 80mm for training. The phone also features with extensive work and leadership: f/1.8, and F/1.6 and F/2.4 coupled with a sensor scan and high sensitivity, which allows to capture great images in low light conditions. Let’s find out if this phone can afford a professional camera.


1- theflagship phone in Photography in low-light

We’ll start comparing us to shoot in low light because it is the most difficult shooting conditions . Enjoy the camera P20 Pro the ability to capture objects and scenes at night difficult to see with the naked eye! Aimed for HUAWEI P20 Pro to provide high-quality images, enables everyone to capture professional pictures.

Photo taken using a phone HUAWEI P20 Pro

Image taken using a Camera Canon 700D


In order to capture more light for clearer images, and is equipped for HUAWEI P20 Pro lenses Leica girl f/1.8 and f /1.6 and f /2.4. We can note that the images that were her phone enjoy the scope of the higher dynamic in terms of fine detail evident even in the shaded areas in the picture. We can see more detail in bright and dark areas we also note that the buildings in the picture much clearer.


Meets your HUAWEI P20 Pro several images during the term of six seconds once you press the Export button and then the installation uses digital to integrate all the images into one final photograph, in general, the accuracy and clarity of the image captured with a phone P20 Pro excellent and unexpected while produced Camera Canon 700D image dark dark with to miss a large proportion of the detail.


This allows you to install the image AI of HUAWEI capture footage exceptional blur-free in low light by using night mode. Goodbye to three of my lists. Works night mode and also to counterbalance scenes with high contrast to obtain clear shots and balanced scan of any setting.


2– Leica camera Tri

The event was sponsored by company ’Leica‘ German specialized manufactures high-end cameras on the design of the sensor of the three, knowing that each sensor has specific role; where works Color Sensor first (with a resolution of 40 megapixels) to capture the colors in a scene imaging, as the sensor works the second monochromatic (with a resolution of 20 MP) on the monitoring of more minute detail, determining depth and forms to enhance the effects of Albuquerque; uses the sensors of the second (8-megapixel) for training. It is through providing a phone HUAWEI P20 Pro camera triple revolution of the ’Leica‘, facing Huawei is once again raising the standards of Photography in smartphones.

Proud to Huawei making a privileged location reached 109 degrees – 114 points for the quality of the sound, and 98 points for the quality of the video clips – according to the tests platform


Photo taken using a phone HUAWEI P20 Pro




Image taken using a Camera Canon 700D



 In the footage the light of day, we note that the quality of the image the HUAWEI P20 Pro amazing it produced a great picture is very accurate in terms of details and the differences between the colors while keeping to the shadows. The colours are clear and vibrant were able to phone provide the closest picture of reality without losing a lot of detail with increased brightness and reduce noise. Notice that the clouds are more pronounced in the first group the details clearer than the image captured Camera the Canon 700D which lost a lot of detail as we observe in the trees in the upper picture and in the building in the bottom picture.


Support the Master AI, can phone HUAWEI P20 Pro recognition on 19 different categories in real time. Is adjusted to the skills of professional photography and lighting and other settings afterwards automatically by the AI until the image looks at its best.


Photo taken using a phone HUAWEI P20 Pro

Image taken using a Camera Canon 700D


3– The doctor

Comes phone HUAWEI P20 Pro with the ability of the approximation of the hybrid up to 5 times to export long distances and get amazing photos in all their details.

Photo taken using a phone HUAWEI P20 Pro

Zoom 3X using the phone HUAWEI P20 Pro

Zoom 5X Using Phone HUAWEI P20 Pro




Includes phone HUAWEI P20 Pro feature rounding الهجين5X Hybrid Zoom up حتى5X, while other smart phones are almost a hybrid of up حتى2X . Includes phone HUAWEI P20 Pro lens new from Leica featuring the ability to zoom up to 3 times (VARIO-SUMMILUX-H 1:1.6-2.4/27-80ASPH) dedicated to the development of the long-distance ability of the approximation of the hybrid up to 5 times. We can note that the phone HUAWEI P20 Pro captures more details, more clearly and less noise. Colors more pronounced and the results are amazing.

If you are looking for a phone to rival the professional cameras and lets everyone choose a professional photography and you have to choose phone HUAWEI P20 Pro!




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