Competition with Apple Pay Google to cancel its production of the Pixel Slate

US launches Google this year, new devices of a series of Pixel Slate, which started last year, according to Business Insider, computer World, and will focus instead on the efforts of Chrome OS devices on conventional mobile devices such as Pixelbook, a spokesperson told Business Insider: “For the efforts of the devices Google from First-party, we’ll focus on laptops for the operating system Chrome will continue to support Pixel Slate”, meaning that you can expect to use the Slate to receive software updates and security for many years to come, but there will be Pixel Slate 2, which was confirmed by the administrator of those devices in Google a Rick auto on Twitter.

I went to Google to go further to reveal that she has replaced two products of tablet devices under development, which made them transfer the staff who were working on it to other areas of the company and it seems that most of them joined the team Pixelbook, it was the tablet devices that the company intends to released this year smaller than the Pixel Slate and planning for publication “sometime after the year 2019” but the results of the test to ensure the quality and disappointing paying Google to completely abandon the ready that was going to Produced of that series.

The competition with Apple

جوجل تخشى مواجهة Apple وتلغي إنتاجها لهذا العام من Pixel SlateGoogle afraid of the face of Apple and its production for this year from Pixel Slate

I notified Google of the staff of its decision, it should be noted that the company already received the devices Pixel Slate guest modest to a large extent when offered for sale last year, and that Google has solved some of these problems with updates, but more than anything else, maybe the company realized that the face of the iPad from Apple will be a losing battle, is offer iPad in price points multiple, and has a tremendous range of applications, it is assigned to get the improvements in productivity this autumn with the launch of iPadOS.

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