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Android and iOS — the two dominant operating systems for smartphones. But now continue to develop other platforms for mobile devices, a new version of which has already been released.

The company has Canonical once had ambitions to make Ubuntu the operating system not only for PCs but also for smart phones and tablets. Unfortunately, this project never took place and Ubuntu Touch no longer develop. This is not surprising, because even Microsoft realized that Windows Phone is not a competitor to Android and iOS. Ubuntu Touch was not a real chance. The reason for this is the insufficient number of apps and supported devices. However, the new version of Ubuntu Touch released and was reviewed by Brian Fagioli (Brian Fagioli) on the resource page

UBports Foundation released the Ubuntu Touch OTA to 4


The development of the operating system continued UBports Foundation. Now she has released the version of OTA-4, based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Improvements very much, but, unfortunately, the “OTA” in the title version means that users will be able to update your device “over the air”. Updating is carried out according to posted instructions. And additionally, it is noted that it is necessary to remember that Ubuntu Touch is not the operating system that most modern users would use every day. And only the most passionate Linux enthusiasts will devote their precious time to use on their smartphones and tablets the operating system.

UBports Foundation notes that worked on the version of Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 for eight months. As already noted, this release is based on Ubuntu 16.04 (earlier OS was based on 15.04). Provides enhancements to security and stability. Upgrading from Qt 5.4 to 5.9 provides a number of improvements. Among them:

  • New layers of keyboard for languages: Turkish, Bulgarian and French (Switzerland);
  • Performance improvements due to the transition from Qt 5.4 to 5.9;
  • Added experimental Libertine Container Manager;
  • New power saving features;
  • New update wizard to help users configure the device with the version 16.04;
  • Many security improvements have become available due to the transition to a supported version of Ubuntu.

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