Competitor Ethereum has attracted $ 28 million on the platform for the creation of a dApp

In mid-may, the developer of the cryptocurrency store Circle has attracted $ 110 million investment from a group of investors headed by Bitmain. The funds received by the company will be spent on international expansion and development is tied to the dollar coin, USD Coin.

Now about bringing $ 28 million reported another cryptocurrency project — Nervos Network. He develops a blockchain-based platform with the ability to create decentralized it applications. This writes Coindesk.

Where to create a dApp

The round involved a venture capital company Sequoia China, cryptoforge Bixin and imToken and hedge Fund Polychain. The funds raised, the startup intends to send to the hiring of qualified employees and the development of the platform, told the publication the company.

According to the founder of Jan Nervos Se, the network will create a dApp for secure and public networks. And the system is designed so that applications can scale almost infinitely, he said.

Despite the undeniable advantages, the enterprises that have implemented the blockchain, faced with the problem of scalability, security and complexity of networks. Nervos will solve all these problems/

Hopefully, Nervos will be able to realize the idea. Then competition among platforms, creating decentralized applications will grow. And they will eventually become safer.

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