COMPETITOR POCOPHONE? – Experience in the use of Honor Play

Brand, Honor is associated with a company offering a slightly simplified and more affordable counterparts of smartphones Huawei. Cutting off all unnecessary and slightly changing the design, the manufacturer produces enough competitive solutions in the medium and budget price range. However, to call them sverhdorogimi in its price range was difficult. But then the company will announce its new phone, which combined the flagship features, high quality design and trend pieces, take all for $ 350. Let’s find out what sort of Honor Play like this.


High-quality processed case – it is quite common nowadays. Even the budget phones have practically got rid of childhood illnesses, offering metal back cover and high-quality safety glass. That’s only when in a relatively affordable phone install the hardware from the flagship value of 25-28 thousand, you start to look at what saved the company during the development of the smartphone.

The problem is that not find. The company did not do gaming design, limited to very concise and simple forms. So what about the gaming orientation of the phone is quite hard to guess.

But for lovers of the unusual, the manufacturer has released two versions with elaborate print, but waiting for their appearance on our market, I would not.

Looking for a smartphone, I remember the flagships of yesteryear: a simple rounded shape, metal body and no shimmering backdrops, which are all already rather tired. And to drop this phone not so expensive, because there is only glass on one side.

Despite the fairly large 6.3-inch screen, the phone is comfortable to use even with one hand, I absolutely did not feel that this is a great phone. And taking your Meizu 15, I was surprised how little screen I use, despite the fact that the phone is not particularly more.

If you try to find flaws, it is worth noting the keys, which I placed a bit high, and not always convenient for them to reach. But the fingerprint scanner is where you need it, and besides the usual quick work he is also endowed with additional capabilities. Swipe can, for example, flipping photos or access notifications without touching the screen.

The possibility of “Smart twist,” which in devices Honor I never met before, was very useful. The phone itself monitors the position of the user’s head, disabling auto-rotate if necessary. So, if you decided to lie down and climb in the browser, the device will not constantly switch between horizontal and vertical orientation, while remaining in the desired position.

As for me, it’s pretty cool that the manufacturer pays so much attention to detail in the devices of the medium price segment. By the way, such a regime is not even in the flagship P20 Pro.


The device has a 6.3-inch IPS-matrix with good viewing angles, good color reproduction and is factory calibrated. But, as always, the user is free to customize the display in the settings.

The neckline is already so commonplace that “burn” for this reason have no strength. Yes, there are no additional sensors or a second multimedia speaker. The set is quite standard: front camera, light sensor and earpiece.

But, despite the lack of special modules, the smartphone is unlocking by facial recognition and it works very well. Even in low-light conditions often Play happy fast unlocking.


With the hardware in the phone is also okay. Then used the flagship Kirin 970 last generation with a separate block for artificial intelligence, graphics accelerator Mali G72 MP12, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal, plus has support for memory cards microSD. Well, the whole set of necessary wireless modules in place, as is usual Wi-Fi, Bluetooth c support aptX and GPS, and NFC, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern device.

Such a set allows the phone to create the feeling that you are holding a flagship device. Smooth animation, games and applications run quickly — what more do you need? It is clear that you can complain about the very specific icons in the original shell EMUI, but such a trifle is easily correctable by a third-party launcher or theme, but you right out of the box a bunch of useful things the type of great file Manager, screen recording with one click or quickly create long screenshots. So much of a problem in EMUI I do not see. Quite suitable and relevant shell.

Now the most important thing is gaming performance. It is necessary to say about the “mystical” GPU Turbo, which promises a significant performance increase in supported games through optimization. No real overclocking iron, to my knowledge, there is no. At the moment this technology is only active in some games, such as Mobile PUBG and Legends, and to test how real performance gains, are very difficult.

Drop all this talk about “software accelerators”, we are faced with the fact that all modern games run without problems on high settings and bring only pleasure. The phone, of course, heats up and throws off the frequency, but no podlahoviny nor the Frisians I have not noticed.

I’ve got one that is funny, in theory, a thing called “Tactile response”. The idea is that smart vibrated in accordance with the game situation-type controller. Not a bad idea, but the implementation… PUBG it works as follows – you shoot — the phone vibrates. The end. No more additional actions there, and it works in just one game.

But despite these little things, speed frankly pleased and complain about what does not.

Autonomy and sound

Here at battery-3750 mAh. Not the most capacious, but also not the usual 3000 mAh. A day and a half of normal use is enough, and gentle method of use will receive about two days.

Playing phone is that you can safely land in 4 hours, well, a maximum of 5. Fast charging on the spot, and to 100 percent the battery is compensated somewhere for a half hour, which is pretty good, so young gamers can quickly get back in the game. Well, of course, Play installed the USB Type-C and not the outdated microUSB.

In the headphones the sound pleased me. I’ve connected both wired and same Huawei FreeBuds, everything works perfectly. A sane EQ and software ulusalcis, so for most users the sound will go. But the external speaker one. And Yes, I know that in this price range that’s fine, but for a gaming device it would be nice to have stereo sound.


And now the compromise that had to go the company during the development of the telephone, to fit in the budget camera. No, they are not bad. Here is a double module with 16 MP primary and 2 MP additional.

And that’s the vast majority of users will like it. Like his older brother, P20 Pro, Play is able to recognize the scene, thanks to artificial intelligence and real-time change camera settings, adapting to the conditions.

In practice, images with the use of Ai come out more colorful and bright that looks good on the phone screen, but on the big screen become visible flaws, such as softwaree sharpening (in simple words – pericarp) and some somnabulist photos.

In the camera, there are many trinkets on the type of augmented reality, but some practical use of it yet.

In good lighting conditions you can get a decent image, even portrait mode is neat, but the less light, the worse the. And, as you guessed it, optical zoom is not here.

Frontalka quite familiar, and if you are still keen sabakami, it will go. Video is recorded in 4K resolution, which is quite good, only stabilization is not enough.

The camera is hard to call great, and even better for the money, but in this price range, as much as I’d like, we’ll have to sacrifice some of the sides of the device. But again, their quality is to be expected.


The device I was frankly surprised its combination of equipment, price and features. If not the average camera, I would have boldly moved on the Play and used it with pleasure.

For approximately $ 300 users waiting for a quality solution with a great screen and set of all necessary features. Critical issues in it.

The smartphone market for the money is very wide and the number of competitors Play a very big Honor. But, in my opinion, this is one of the most balanced devices at the moment. So, if you don’t consider yourself to be mobile photographers, take a look at this model.

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