Competitor to Android and iOS will complete in 2018 the Top 10

New Year

It is believed that in the modern market of mobile devices the two dominant operating systems, Android and iOS, there is no alternative. However, the third software platform for today’s most popular devices — phones — exists and successfully develops. Moreover, its role becomes more and more visible. And 2018 may be her year of major success. Because the functionality of a modern smartphone is so broad that many users is enough only some of them.

It is expected that this year, Reliance Jio will become the tenth among the leading brands in the mobile phone market. This is the forecast Digitimes Research, according to which in 2018 will be delivered 25 — 30 million Jio Phone, says Peter (Peter) on the resource page All Jio Phone running the software platform Kai OS.

Who offers phones with KaiOS

Reliance Jio

Jio’s first Phone was released in July of last year and the operator managed to put 18 million of these devices until the end of 2017. In this case, the phone was on the market only six months. However, the success of the device was helped by the fact that the operator Reliance Jio has proposed the first Phone free. Recently the company presented the successor of this phone — Jio Phone 2.

KaiOS is designed to not considered smartphones phones. Under her management are such mobile devices like Nokia 8110 4G. TCL also offers to consumers phones running KaiOS under the brand name Alcatel (licensed from Nokia).

In Digitimes believe that the popularity of the platform in emerging markets will continue to grow. And in 2019 its world market share of operating systems is 3%. Previously projected prospects KaiOS has already been addressed.

Kai (Firefox OS) can provide a similar smartphone functionality (including Google Maps and Assistant), without requiring powerful hardware that is needed to run Android, which is the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

In Telegram chat readers can discuss the prospect of the KaiOS.

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