Complaints about know camera iPhone X to break for no reason!

If I bought a smart phone equivalent of 1000$ and then suddenly discovered the presence of a scratch or break in the rear camera doesn’t for no apparent reason, there’s no doubt you will be disappointed, this is exactly what happened with some owners of phones iPhone X!

شكاوى بخصوص تعرض كاميرا آيفون X للكسر بدون سبب!

Complaints about know camera iPhone X to break for no reason!

A fractional odd in the rear camera!

Recently spread to multiple complaints on the middle of the Apple official and Forum Reddit famous alleged owners of the iPhone X know lenses rear camera-scratch and fracture suddenly without any accidents like dropping your phone or being beaten.

Injured the owners of those phones surprised the mixed discomfort and frustration severe because – according to them – they were keen to use their phones, but added some of it was used to cover protection already before noticing the damage on the camera.

Increased disappointment when he decided to the owners of the phones are going to maintenance centers of the Apple, where the extension of the site maintenance staff to replace the phones or repair under warranty and asked them to bear the cost of maintenance is complete, which amounted to$ 550 and according to someone.

The reason behind fractures, and scratches!

These complaints are interesting because the lens of the rear camera in the iPhone X supposedly made of Sapphire Glass Sappire which enjoys a high degree of durability and hardness and resistance to scratches compared to the glass Gorilla Glass like.

Some users suppose to know the camera breakage or scratching may be due to factors air as cold as the weather only to other users that they opposed this hypothesis because the problem occurred for them also, despite the mild weather.

The beginning, the looks of the complaints is very limited compared to the sales of iPhone X huge to now this is possible and normal. There is definitely a reason behind these accidents such as carrying the phone in pocket with keys, being beaten, and does not exclude also presence of manufacturers defect.

Ensure phones the iPhone does not cover damage caused by misuse, but there is no convincing justification behind the cost of reform exaggerated regardless of the reasons that led to it. Apple did not respond formally to those reports, doesn’t seem to do as long as the complaints on this range of pressure.

Do you know camera iPhone X Your to any scratches or breaks? Tell us in detail via comments!

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